Totem Poles Are One of Our Culture’s Work of Art

In ancient times, our ancestors have formed many beliefs and traditions. There way of life was mostly dependent on their beliefs. Customs and traditions were being practiced and passed on from generations to generations. Rituals and ceremonies were done and beliefs in gods that will help them with their way of living were present. It was what the gods say that people follow and helps them predict their future. Aside from the gods, there are also symbolic features used in the past that we can even see today that makes a mark on the culture of our ancestors.

One of the monumental structures that we can even see today is a Totem pole made from the ethnic tribes of North America. Native American totems are carved from trees specifically the cedar tree. The meaning of Totems depends and varies according to the group that made them. Usually, it depicts legends, marks for different clans, any notable happenings of life or a symbolic figure for an individual. Most of us still follow the beliefs of our ancestors. The passing on of the beliefs makes us realize of the importance of the culture that our descendants have left us.

According to tradition, a person is connected to an animal that will be with him throughout his life and will guide him in making major decisions and also will dictate his way of life. However, you are not connected to one animal forever because there are different types also that will guide you as you make diverse tasks in your lifetime. The animals totally depend on the direction in life that you will venture.

We think that those totem animals can give us wisdom and not only guides us physically but also spiritually. Although we may encounter a lot of symbolic animals in our life, we only consider one guardian spirit to guide us in a lifetime. For instance if you believe that your totem animal is a bear then you have the characteristic of having the great strength and power. At the same time, you are industrious in your work and very instinctive.

At home, you can have a figurine or a small-sized symbolic totem animal of your own to remind you especially when you make major decisions in your life. However, if you don’t have one, you can always use your hidden artistic talent. You can make use of materials that are just considered as waste at home. You can simplify your resources with the use of cardboard tube of paper towels and egg cartons.

With the use of your own imagination, you can create your own totem pole craft according to the events in your life with the corresponding animals that made you through those events. A little touch of your art with the use of paint or any colouring materials, you can produce a mini structure of your own.

This can also be used in school as an activity so that the school children will have a good idea of the culture and tradition of their ancestors. They will be able to understand fully the history of Native Americans. Through this, it will preserve and enrich the American culture.