Temecula Restaurants – Satisfy Your Need to Eat

Locating decent Temecula restaurants are both easy and tricky at the same time. While there are plenty of delicious options to consider, you’ll face delightful difficulty settling on the perfect match. Some people may start out the day with a taste for Mexican, but then pass by the Temecula Peruvian restaurant called Lucho’s and decide to explore the Ceviche de Pescado (marinated fish in spicy lemon juice).

Lively Caribbean delights, addicting French pastries, tantalizing Thai cuisine and much more represent just some of the possibilities you will encounter when looking for Temecula restaurants to explore. What’s even better about dining in Temecula is that each experience is fresh and accompanied by the soothing blue skies and the excellent temperatures of Southern California weather.

Aiyara Thai Cuisine (41533 Margarita Rd, Suite M102): During the mid-day, why not stop by this Temecula restaurant to enjoy tasty lunch specials, including Gra-Praw (minced garlic, fresh chili, basil leaves, bell peppers, and bamboo shoots) or other selections, such as Veggie Delight, Red Curry, and coconut curry dishes? Dine on appetizers called Naked Wings, Angel Wings, and Lady Fingers. Salads with shrimp, calamari, and chicken may accompany any entrée, such as Drunken Noodles, perfect for someone with a spicy palate. The decor at the restaurant is very tastefully done and is excellent for a wonderful evening out.

Vallée d’ Brume [http://www.best-temecula-guide.com/french-temecula-restaurant.html] (Bell Vilaggio Shopping Center, 41413 Margarita Rd, Suite K101): The sweet scent of pastries combined with a selection of gourmet French cuisine hits the air at this upscale eatery. Artisan breads and pastries are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the pastry chefs can accomplish. Their reputation for creating the most beautiful wedding cakes in town has surpassed all others. At this Temecula restaurant, the lunch menu is decorated with a Spicy Chicken Salad and Salami & Brie, while dinner entrees include Fish du Jour and Vallee Mignon. Special event catering is also offered through the restaurant. To see what’s cooking up at Valee d’ Brume check out Best-Temecula-Guide.com

Lucho’s Peruvian Restaurant [http://www.best-temecula-guide.com/peruvian-temecula-restaurant.html] (Rancho Temecula Town Center, 39650 Winchester Road, #3): With an inviting décor that captures your senses from the very start, Lucho’s places you in just the right state of mind to enjoy an assortment of delicious yet healthy Peruvian pleasures. A sample meal at this popular Temecula restaurant may include boiled potatoes in a spicy cheese sauce for an appetizer, Milanesa (breaded chicken or beef – a House Specialty), purple Peruvian corn dessert (Mazamorra Morada), and a glass of Inca Kola (Peruvian soda). Find any answers to questions you may have or simply browse at Best-Temecula-Guide.com

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