World’s Best Hotel and Luxury Hotels

For those of you that enjoy unmatched comfort and elegance when you’re on vacation there is no better place to stay than a luxury hotel. But how can you make sure that the establishment that you choose is the best for you? One person’s idea of a luxury hotel may not be that of someone else. Personal tastes play a key role in the decision making process. Create a list of things that you expect to receive at the hotel that you choose. Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.

What is the staff to guest ratio? Some of the worlds best hotels have ratios of 1:1. While this is rare it is not unattainable. Some luxury hotels have staff that are trained to recognize your needs , sometimes even before you do. They will cater to your every whim. Whether you are poolside and have forgotten your favorite book in your suite, or having your favorite mixed drink ready before you even ask for it. Luxury hotels with a high staff to guest ratio may not be able to offer this type of personalized service.

How do you want to sleep? While you’re enjoying your vacation you do not want to put up with an uncomfortable night of sleep. Look for hotels that offer different firmness choices in the mattresses that are available. Some of the worlds best hotels not only offer different mattress styles and firmness charts available, but they also have the mattress available for sale. Not the actual bed that you have just slept on. But you can arrange to purchase the mattress and have it delivered too your home.

I’m hungry. Is room service restricted to specific hours of the day? Look for a luxury hotel that offers a flexible room service schedule, preferably 24 hours a day. If you enjoy a late night on the town, you don’t want to come back to your suite only to find that peanut butter crackers and potato chips from the vending machines are your only dinner selections.

Is the spa really a spa? Look very closely when a hotel says that they have a spa. Too many times guests have been disappointed upon arrival to find that the spa consists of a whirlpool, a sauna, and a steam room. Some of the world’s best hotels offer luxurious spas with treatment rooms available where you can enjoy facials, body wraps, massages, and hot stone therapy.

Entertain me. Sometimes people just want to get away from all of the stress of daily life. Once you are settled into your suite, now what? Look at the activities available. Most luxury hotels have on site activities available such as riding, tennis courts, and a fitness center. Do you enjoy shopping? Are there shops close by? Are there any tourist attractions nearby? These are all questions to ask yourself ensuring that your stay is more enjoyable.

How much is this going to cost me? Didi you know that you can stay at some of the world’s best hotel on a budget? Normally the per night rate for this type of hotel stay can be a little high end, often requiring a specific minimum number of nights. Call in advance ask about any specials they may be running. Also look at the hotels website, often they will have offers that can only be purchased online.

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