How to Personalise Your Honeymoon Trip

To make your romantic honeymoon truly memorable you must have the perfect experience. Only a personalised honeymoon can make this possible. Here’s how to personalise your honeymoon.

Discuss with the tour operator

From tours and activities to transportation, travel agents now arrange everything for your honeymoon trip. To personalise your experience they might ask you to fill a questionnaire and they will take cue from it to plan a perfect trip for you. They will consult with you before choosing a hotel or resort within your budget while letting you know about any special deals that are available. In short, you will get a tailor-made luxury honeymoon complete with a high-end room, first class services and a wealth of activities and experiences.

Think differently

Your travel agent will help you personalise your trip. However, only if you think outside the box you will be able to give them suggestions. This will enable them to plan the perfect honeymoon trip for you. Tell them your specific requirements. For instance, ask them to arrange a candle light dinner at the best restaurants or book a couple’s spa treatment session. Before you start the trip ask them for all the travel documents, helpful information and contact numbers to call in case something goes wrong.

A luxury trip

If money is not a problem for you, some of the leading resorts will arrange a trip tailor-made for you. You will get all the five-star luxuries. Some of the five-star resorts even have lifestyle hosts to concoct island surprises like a moonlit cruise dinner or even camping. Anything can be personalised. It is up to you to decide.

Ask the locals

Now, this doesn’t cost you a penny. And you will get information from the experts. Ask the locals about the unique activities at the place and plan your day trips accordingly. For instance, you can go on a sailing trip or take a street art photo workshop or attend a pottery making class or even take tango lessons. It will be personalised for you, depending on which place you choose to visit.

Make it extra special

If you want to visit a stylish city, fly to Italy or Venice or New York or Paris, which are perfect for honeymooners. Many resorts are offering bespoke honeymoon experiences at these places, which include a swim with the turtles or a ride on a 5-star yacht. Do we say more!

Just relax

If you are looking forward to relax after a mega wedding, then don’t stuff your itinerary with too many sight-seeing trips. Instead, look for small surprises at where your stay. Go for long walks and candlelight dinners. Just soak in the sights and sounds and enjoy every minute of your stay in peace and tranquillity.