A Romantic and Adventurous Getaway in Vietnam

When planning that perfect romantic getaway with your significant other, fall in love all over again amid the dramatic backdrop of majestic Vietnam.

After you have finally said your “I do’s,” celebrate your new life together by jetting to a foreign land that offers a romantic setting for some rest and relaxation. While honeymoons are typically spent lazing on the beach, for highly active and adventurous couples Vietnam offers you the ultimate romantic getaway.

Enjoying Halong Bay cruises is one of the most popular ways to explore this region of Vietnam, especially for couples who want to enjoy that heady combination of romance and excitement. Just to give you a sneak peek of what the majestic setting has to offer, here are a few reasons why you should book one of the popular Halong Bay cruises.

Travelling Around Vietnam

For those seeking adventure and excitement, clearly, staying in a secluded resort for a week or two is not the best way to enjoy this exotic country. Take advantage of your time together by spending it exploring some of the most spectacular attractions of Vietnam – the country has many interesting facets waiting to be discovered.

Halong Bay cruises will regale you with the spectacular views of the fascinating combination of rural villages, bustling cities and truly stunning bays. On land, the area is perfect for romantic walks and looking for those postcard-perfect photo opportunities. Key attractions [including the famous Halong Bay] are well within driving distance from Hanoi, and from Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta is also within easy reach.

Celebrate With Romance and Relaxation

Of course, honeymoons would not be complete without some romance to set the tone of your married life. Vietnam boasts some of the world’s most amazing locations – perfect for couples.

The ideal occasion for a bit of romance, Halong Bay cruises afford you an awe-inspiring backdrop of limestone cliffs topped with lush forests. Enjoying the sight up close and personal truly offers a memorable experience. You can also travel towards the south of the country to Dalat City, which is dubbed as the Valley of Love – an it lives up to its name by showcasing stunning natural landscapes. This plateau spans 242 hectares, boasting a vast array of meadows, pine forests and the famous Da Thien Lake, at the bottom part of the hill. Enjoy a stroll through the woods or wander along Mimosa Stream.

Soak In the Fascinating Culture of the Land

Vietnam is well known for its rich cultural heritage. You can start your adventure in Hanoi, a popular treasure trove of cultural and historical sites that are truly breathtaking. Among the places of interest are President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and the Kinh Thien Palace. Make sure to pay the Old Quarter a visit, as it is home to 600 temples and pagodas, most of which are from the 11th century.

Vietnam is truly a romantic place, giving you that heady combination of culture, adventure, and a chance to commune with nature.